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Retiring Early for Life’s Purpose Contemplation: It’s not an exercise for youth

I’m not sure that it’s completely possible to realize our purpose in life (if a purpose actually exists). If I decided to search, how would I know which idea it was out of the multiple ideas shifting through my consciousness each and every waking (or sleeping) second of my life? Which ethical standard of measure should I use as my decision matrix? From whose perspective should I start? There are so many directions I can go at any moment in life – life is full of endless decisions (this way or that way to work?, bike or drive?, what for breakfast?, what to wear?, should I get a divorce?, watch TV or read?)…most choices are easy, but there’s plenty of grey area between paths on some decisions (is it ethically right to serve in the military which has the mission of protecting the United States, but may drive the Soldier to kill people from other nations?).

I do know that with work and family I don’t spend enough time in silent contemplation trying to identify my purpose on earth. Most of my hours are spent reacting, surviving, and anticipating.  I would feel guilty sitting in a silent room for hours thinking and feeling instead of watching my kids play flag football.

Maybe my purpose for the moment is to make as much money as I can so I can retire early. Once I retire I can devote adequate time to contemplation on life’s purpose. I’m pretty sure no great being will reach down and high five me to indicate when I’ve figured it out, but I can try…so long as I make enough money in my youth. I guess there’s no chance in young adults realizing their purpose.  –Carl Miller


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