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In the past, it was difficult for me to work for a person less intelligent than myself.  I quickly became frustrated with new bosses and had difficulty muddling through explanations of ideas and recommended courses of action that should have been easy for him/her to understand.  Lately though, I’ve found amusement in playing a sort of puppet master.  Dumb people want to be manipulated, and if they aren’t they vacillate indecisively and are ineffective as leaders.  So, out of their experiences of failure they’ve learned to recognize when they can’t grasp concepts and lean on others for direction.

Sometimes I purposefully steer my current boss in the wrong direction.  It seems that when I do he ends up in a weaker position and then leans on me more afterwards out of desperation for help.  Maybe I can steer him into getting fired so I can take his job.  -Carl Miller


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