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The Wisest One in the Room

I’m reading this book, The Wisest One in the Room, by Thomas Gilovich, and it has this idea at the beginning that wisdom is merely looking at situations from multiple perspectives.  The rest of the book is informative, but nothing that you wouldn’t find in other business psychology/self-help psychology books.

I love the idea that wisdom is simply seeing the world from multiple situations.  If you think about it that means that anyone can be wise.  It may take some conscious effort at first (and maybe beyond at first), but it wouldn’t be extremely difficult.  If you picture a wise person you generally think of someone who doesn’t overreact and is kind.  He doesn’t have to be knowledgeable in anything else, aside from making a good decision when dealing with people.

I’ve been consciously trying this out lately and I’ve found that it leads me to get involved in far less conflicts.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been in no conflicts for the past two weeks as a result of this strategy.  I’m not just agreeing with everyone, but I am seriously considering everyone else’s desires and goals.  It’s working.  -Carl Miller


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