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Weed to Quit Caffeine

Up until two weeks ago I drank a lot of caffeine…I wouldn’t say I’m an addict, but I do have mild periodic cravings still two weeks later.  I quit.  I hear THC isn’t addictive.  I wonder if I could have used weed to quit through substitution.  I figure that weed is less addictive than caffeine so it would be easy to quit the weed once I no longer felt the cravings for caffeine.

I decided the caffeine was getting out of control when I realized I required caffeine so late in the day that I had to take sleeping pills at night to counteract the effects.  I have to PT in the morning so I wake up at 0500 and go to sleep at 2200ish.  I would drink three Monsters throughout the day as well as two cups of coffee and several Coca-Colas.  Then I would take two Benadryls at night or some melatonin.  I’d get headaches when I cut back, but I’d also get headaches from having so much caffeine coursing through my system.

The weed would have made quitting easier.  There would be less days of headaches.-Carl Miller


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