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America is Special

I subscribe to the belief that America is special.  I’m not religious, but I do see that in the past America has resisted the temptation to conquer, we have stepped in to help people on occasion, and we try our best to run our society in a way that allows people to live freely.  Of course, people can easily critique some of our decisions in South America as well as other portions of our history, but even there we haven’t meddled in a way that Russia would have given a similar situation.

I think we’re exceptional.  We’re not destined to be.  Bernie Sanders would keep us going down the path of exceptionality.  Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, or Ted Cruz wouldn’t.  Under them we would not care for the world like the Supermen that we are.  We wouldn’t help the poor of our country pull themselves up.  We wouldn’t lead the world to be better.  Under Bernie we will.  I don’t want to settle for becoming more like Russia or China.  I don’t want to compete like them.  What’s the point of living if not to leave this muddled world a little better than how we found it?  I’m voting for Bernie because I believe in us.  -Carl Miller



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