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I’ve been seeing mindfulness books, articles, posts, and vblogs popping up a lot lately.   I even saw a free class for it at my psychologist’s office the other day.  This is great.  It seems we’re getting a bit of useful eastern culture.  I picked up an audiobook on it about a year ago and I’ve used some of the meditative methods to help me stop overreacting at work and home.  It works so long as I can remember and force myself to take 10 minutes each day for myself.  The problem is sticking with it.  I’m not certain why though.  I feel great while I’m doing it (although a little impatient), and I feel great afterwards, but I dread the 10 minute exercise prior to starting it every single time.  So, I’ll do it for a week, then I’ll miss a day, then another two days later, then I’ll quit for a few months before I realize I need to start up again…the cycle begins a new.  I need to form this habit!  It does make me happier.  -Carl Miller


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