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Happy Alone

I’ve been married almost 14 years (I’m 35) to my high school sweetheart.  I haven’t been without a partner since we broke up for a year in college.  And I love her…but I feel like I wouldn’t do so bad alone.  I don’t think I’d go out a lot.  I think I’d mostly stay in.  I’m happy in the time I get to myself.  I think most people in the Army have really lonely and horrible times on deployments so they reach out and seek companionship throughout.  I don’t.  I seek the isolation and sort of relish in it. I’m decent company.

Now, there are time when I curl up at night and hug my pillow and I wallow a bit.  But even the tough times by myself are inspiring.  I kind of like to feel both the down and the up emotions.  It’s nice to feel.

Ahh! maybe that’s it.  When I’m home sometimes I try to tune out how I feel because I don’t want the wife to see me upset.  When I’m deployed I can bask in it.  I’m not muted when I’m alone.  It feels great, even when it feels horrible, to turn the volume up.  As a matter of fact, the hard times may make the good times peak even higher.  -Carl Miller


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