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Please Dip, Stock Market

I sold my S&P 500 ETF shares along with my muni-fund ETF shares when the S&P 500 hit 2100 last week.  I kept what I have in the energy and medical sectors because it seems they’ve already hit their lows…maybe I should have sold them, too.  I just hope the S&P falls below 1900 again this year so I can throw my lot in again.  For now, I’ll wait patiently on the sidelines waiting.

I know the articles say you shouldn’t try to time the market.  But it does seem that the market has had some parameters lately…and I seem to be able to see when a high is slowing down and about to dip, as well as when a low is about to head in the other direction.  Maybe I’m just getting lucky.  Anyway, I think I’ll try to play the lows this year rather than waiting for the market to reach higher and higher when almost everyone agrees that market is overpriced right now.  Hopefully I can catch a big dip pretty soon.  It always feels great to beat the market.  -Carl Miller


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