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LSD not that bad for you

There’s a new Stuff You Should Know Podcast that came out yesterdayish (around Cinco de Mayo 2016) about how LSD works.  In the article the broadcasters detail how many of the myths associated with LSD are incorrect, were purposely created and purported by the government, and are now being disputed.  According to Josh and Chuck (Stuff You Should Know Cast), LSD hasn’t ever been the cause of death, won’t make you go permanently crazy no matter how much you take, and doesn’t cause flashbacks.

It’s a relief to know that England and many other governments now are looking into re-introducing studies on the drug to help people deal with psychological issues.  It’s also a relief to know that many of the new studies are showing that LSD leads to greater happiness in people who use it in therapeutic settings.

Maybe some day it’ll be legalized in some spa or counseling-type capacity for me to take.  I hope so.  I’d like to have the mind-opening and uplifting experience.  -Carl Miller



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