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Update to August 2014 Post: The Army Will Never Catch People for Opiates (Vicodin, Tramadol, Percocet, etc) on a Drug Test…How to Calculations Below:

There I used 5 liters of blood (amount in human body) in my calculations. Now I realize I should have used the average amount of urine a person produces in the halflife of the drug. For instance, a person produces 2000ml of urine per day. So if there are six halflife a in a day for Vicodin, then I should have divided the ng/ml by 333ml. So:

5mg Vicodin = 5,000,000ng Vicodin

Per ml of urine at the start you would have 15,000ng/ml (5,000,000 divided by 333):

Hour 0= 15,000 (divide by 2 for each half life’s next calculation)

Hour 4=7,500

Hour 8=3,750

Hour 12=1,875

Hour 16=~1,000

Hour 20=500

Hour 24=250

Hour 28=125

….and by hour 32 you’re definitely good for a singular dose.


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