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Aphorism 18 / Self / Being in the World and Seeing It

I saw a quote in an advertisement for the movie “Theeb.” He who swims in the Red Sea cannot know its true depth. And not just any man can reach the seabed.” It’s not possible to not be part of the world. We’re all swimming, and the only time we’ll stop is when we die. There is no such thing as an objective opinion. Maybe if you are far removed from a situation you can fool yourself into thinking you can be objective, but the lens through which you see the world is tainted by values, culture, history, etc.

I agree that most people won’t reach the depths of the seabed. This is mainly due to laziness. People don’t want to put in the work to reach their potential, get close to knowing truth, or learning how to think. For most people the journey to, and the training to reach, the seabed are a bore.


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