Learning People

It is painful, at times, to see your children struggle with a situation…especially when it is painful for them.  I wanted to step in, but I think he needed to figure out this relationship issue for himself.  It’s better that he learns to deal with people now when he can fall back into the safety net of his parents, than to figure out the life lesson later.  It’s hard enough for people to figure out themselves.  It’s even more difficult for a person to learn that there are a variety of personalities out there…different ways of processing information…different ways of expressing emotion…and different ways of developing plans for future actions.  Some people aren’t bothered by criticism and they might believe that others aren’t bothered by it either.  Some people look to body language more than words to get a feel for another person, whereas others don’t even notice a grimace on another person’s face.  My son has to learn that although he fits into one personality category the majority of the people he meets will fit into another category.


Aphorism 19 / Others / Enemies and Criticism 

Criticizing your enemies does them a favor unless the insult physically worsens their situation in some manner. By criticizing them you give them an opportunity to learn from their mistaken ways. They may even improve because of you pointed insights and sharp tongue. Do not do your enemy the favor of helping him with your wit…unless that wit can cause real damage that improves your position in relation to his.