Quality of Life: Perscriptions

About a year ago I stopped taking Effexor (SNRI). What convinced me to start taking the drugs a few years before was a statement from the Doc, “It’s a quality of life issue…will your life be better when taking the drug?” This was his response to my concern that the drugs would make me less perceptive, take away my desire to compete, and change my personality from “go-getter” to “go-with-the-flow’er” (if I didn’t put the apostrophe there it would have made the word “flower,” but I wanted to touch on the phrase “go with the flow”).

So, the Doc convinced me that drugs could increase my experience and quality of life. Now, I stopped taking the SSRIs and SNRIs because they didn’t really do anything, but I think I can use his same argument to advocate taking painkillers to enhance my mood. Vicodin and Tramadol are wonderful for increasing my feeling of quality of life. Not sure why the Docs won’t prescribe euphoria-type drugs in moderate doses to patients who are having a tough go at life. I guarantee a little Vicodin on a Tuesday afternoon makes for some good fun. –Carl Miller


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